• Welcome to Kyoto's Gion.

    Kyoto antiques & Kyoto souvenirs .. come & see !

    kyoto antique shop



    Are you looking for a rare souvenir of Kyoto?


    In our shop you can find a wide selection

    of Japanese antique & vintage items.


    (vintage kyoto souvenir, books, kimono, dolls, toys,tableware,ukiyoe, retro sheet,postcard,

    army goods,shunga & geisha goods etc..)

    with reasonale prices.


    You can also experience a gorgeous time like

    traveling to the age of old Japan.


    There are plenty of specials bargain vintage item in the garage sale outside the store. These are ideal for souvenirs. Kimono can find many rare clothes from 500 yen.


    & Tax Free shop.


    kyoto antique shop


    Our store not certain when are store days off. It vary each week.


    Please make a reservation with us three days in advance since we are only able to check E-mail every two days, it is not possible to answer immediately with short notice.


    When upon visiting our shop, we suggest that it is best to make a reservation with us three days in advance.


    The shop closes during rainy days, and therefore we like to ask for three possible visiting dates when making reservation.

    Thank you for your patronage.






  • Information

    157 komatucho higashiyamaku kyoto,
    TEL: 075-541-2626

    Mail: maiko-antiques@nifty.com


    Keihan Railway Shijo Station, Hankyu Railway Kawaramachi Station, or City Bus Stop Gion.

    Open day & Hours


    The store isn’t always open.

    (Please confirm opening of a store on the telephone or email .)



    Usually we open our store every day,

    but our store does not have regular hours.

    & closes in the rainy day.


    if you have a plan to visit us on weekdays,

    please feel free to contact us at any time…

    When you come to my shop from the foreign country,

    please be reserved by an email by three days.



  • Map

    M.A. is in the median center of  Miyagawacho and Gion.

  • The origin of the store's name.

    Welcome to the Gion & Miyagawa region!

    M.A.is in the region in which Maiko live. Maiko visit M.A. occasionally. If you're lucky, you will be able to meet Maiko... Geiko and Maiko, or apprentice Geisha, are female entertainers who wear elegant and intricate traditional dress. They entertain at elite ocha-ya, or "teahouses", where they sing, dance, and play traditional instruments to entertain their patrons.Geiko and Maiko entertain in five small districts in Kyoto called "Kagai," which literally means "Flower Town." The kagai areas of Kyoto are Kamishichiken, Pontocho, Miyagawacho, Gion-higashi and Gion-kobu. These areas are also where Maiko and Geisha lead their daily lives and are among the most popular places in Kyoto for sightseeing in the evening.You can catch sight of Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Geiko (Geisha) in traditional kimono walking through the streets of Gion, one of the main downtown districts in Kyoto. This area extends from Sanjo and Gojo streets in the north and south to Higashiyama and Kawabata streets to the east and west.In the Edo Period "ochaya" (Geisha houses) went up in this area. The part of Gion on the south side of Shijo-dori Street retains its old-fashioned tranquil charm.

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  • 京都千玉堂さらすく社・舞妓骨董店について


    (認定:日本製磁器人形 商標登録 第5200300号)





    京都五花街の内、祇園と宮川町の中間地点に位置し、国内外から多くの旅行者が訪れるその立地から、外国人が思い描く<Fujiyama//GEISHA >等のジャパニーズ・オリエンタルな趣向を存分に盛り込み、そのイメージ・コンセプトから店名を「舞妓骨董店」と致しました。